Monday, June 27, 2011

Love for Charlotte: Michael Voltaggio shout-out

Charlotte got a little tap from Michael Voltaggio, one of the "BroVos" and the winner of season 6 of "Top Chef."

In the July issue of Food & Wine, the Volt gave his own Top 10 list. Under "regret," this was his answer:

"I wish I'd learned to play an instrument. There's a piano in the Charlotte, North Caroina, airport, right near the food court. Random people sit down and play and fill the airport with music. I always wish I could just sit down at that piano and start playing."

Aw, chef! That's as sweet as an airport full of rocking chairs. But surely a chef can do "Chopsticks."


Anonymous said...

particularly funny as the piano sits beside the sushi bar :) Well played