Monday, June 6, 2011

Chew on these: Blue lobsters, N.C. seafood, hurricane kitchens and coffee songs

While you're shaking off the weekend haze, here are a few interesting links that popped up over the weekend:

Yes, that's a blue lobster, a rare phenomenon that's documented on They turn up occasionally, and this one is headed to an aquarium.

My colleague Andrea Weigl has a fascinating column about the difficulties of determining the source of her supposedly N.C.-caught seafood. (I should have linked to it last week, but it got a bit busy around here, between the Target food prices and the importance of letting everyone weigh in with their thoughts on Miss Cheerwine.)

On the practical side, when you need hurricane advice, turn to a Floridian. Food writer Jan Norris has an excellent roundup of practical hurricane-season kitchen precautions that applies to any power outage, even a winter storm.

And just to get you tapping your toes, has a roundup of 12 songs about coffee. I'll warn you, though: Frank Sinatra's "The Coffee Song" is compulsively catchy. I have it on my iPod, but I have to listen with caution. Once it starts, it's hard to get the darn thing out of your head.

Photo: CBC