Thursday, June 2, 2011

Barbecue fans, check out Saveur's special issue

Carolina barbecue makers get plenty of attention and some gorgeous pictures in Saveur magazine's June/July special issue "A Tribute to Cooking With Fire."

Executive editor Dana Bowen, a North Carolina regular, writes a tribute to great N.C. barbecue places in "East Vs. West," and John T Edge covers pitmasters and customers in North and South Carolina in his story "BBQ Nation." Kansas City, Texas, South Chicago and East L.A.'s barbacoa get attention, too, as well as barbecue books and barbecue competitions.

The issue is $5 and is on newstands now. If you're a barbecue fan, it's a keeper.

In the meantime, we have our own barbecue project coming up next week, on the dwindling art of wood-cooked barbecue. Stay tuned for that.


Anonymous said...

I've had Kansas City barbeque and let me tell you, it's trash compared to what we do around here. (Excluding that garbage they produce at Bill Spoon's.)

Anonymous said...

Spoon's is good eastern style barbecue. One of the better places in town.

John said...

BBQ, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Love what you love, but don't be so arrogant that you trash what other people love.

It's a matter of taste and if all you do is criticize what is different from your preference then you have no taste!

Anonymous said...

That BBQ issue of Saveur is an example of when that magazine really shines in my eyes, especially now that Gourmet is long gone. Saveur's tone resounds with me. I've been through the issue once and will read it more closely.

I love bbq in all its forms. Carolina BBQ isn't the same as KC but there's room under the tent for all of us. I do love one KC specialty, "burnt ends".

Kathleen Purvis said...

Thanks, Anon 3:22. I know what you mean about Saveur and Gourmet. Saveur is a magazine that is keeping the art of writing alive.