Friday, February 18, 2011

Raise a Fork Friday: What do you always buy at Costco?

Instead of a Friday poll, I thought I'd do a survey: Keeping it to five items or less, what foods are always on your list when you go to Costco? Yes, most of us pick up paper products and cleaning items, but I'm looking for your food list.

I'll start it off:
1. The big bag 'o limes. They're big and usually juicy instead of pithy, and you get 15 or so for $6.99. And limes have endless uses.
2. Kirkland Organic Peanut Butter. Real peanut butter, just ground peanuts and a little salt, so it doesn't have all those unpronounceable ingredients of the name-brand peanut butters. And you get two big jars for $8.59.
3. Nutella. Everybody deserves an indulgence. And a big jar at the supermarket is about the same cost as two big jars at Costco -- $8.89.
4. Frozen wild blueberries. Every summer, I try to freeze enough blueberries to make my breakfast smoothies all winter. And I always fall short (can't help it, I really love my blueberries). So I get through the rest of the year with big bags from Costco for $8.79.
5. Olive oil. Believe it or not, Kirkland's origin-specific Tuscan olive oil does well in taste tests against much pricier oils. And you get a full liter for $9.99.

OK, your turn . . .


Anonymous said...

1) the big bag of frozen mixed berries -- blueberries, raspberries, etc.

2) Silk Soy Milk

3) Cherry tomatoes

4) Don Pedro coffee (whole beans) -- best coffee at the best price, and made locally.

5) LaBrea artisan bread (2-pack).

Kathleen Purvis said...

Oooh, good ones. Thanks, Anon 8:41. I've gotten the mixed berries, too.

Jason said...

1) sockeye salmon (frozen and smoked).

2) organic ground beef

3) spinach/greens

4) fresh blackberries and raspberries

5) cheeses galore

Anonymous said...

1. Organic Peanut Butter

2. Frozen Spinach and Cheese Ravioli for Emergency Dinners

3. Block of Parmesan-Reggiano Cheese

4. La Brea Bread

5. Whole Chickens (2Pack)

Anonymous said...

fresh blueberries
Panda Express Orange Sauce
frozen wild salmon & mahi mahi

Anonymous said...

1. Chicken Breasts

2. Brussel Sprouts

3. Cheese tray

4. Salmon (not frozen)

5. Cherry Tomatoes

Anonymous said...

1) Block of feta cheese
2) Noodle soups
3) LaBrea bread
4) Homous
5) Artisan lettuce

Anonymous said...

Always, always:
1) Salad
2) Roast Chicken (multiple uses and then you throw the whole carcass in and make stock!)
3) Salmon
4) Frozen broccoli and/or green beans
5) Bananas

Anonymous said...

1) Prime sirloin
2) Dried plums
3) Smoked salmon in refrigerator case
4) Kirkland coffee by Starbucks
5) Edamame (ready to eat) in refrigator case

Anonymous said...

Kirkland brand is the best!
1. Kirkland walnuts
2. Kirkland frozen lasagna or ravioli - yummy!
3. Romaine Lettuce
4. Apples
5. Roasted Chicken

Anonymous said...

1) Brussell Sprouts
2) Avocados
3) Cherry Tomatoes
4) Thomas' whole wheat english muffins
5) Polly-O Cheese Sticks (48 per bag)

Anonymous said...

The Kirkland brand of German beers - the value for money in the box of 24 is extraordinary.

Laura said...

1. Organic Chicken breasts

2. Whole coffee beans (they used to carry an organic brand - haven't seen it in a while

3. Clif Bars

4. Canned tomato products (crushed, diced, whole peeled, etc)

5. Will look for the blueberries next time. Been spending $12.99 for a 4 lb bag at the Teeter!

Jon said...

1) I agree the Olive Oil
2) Frozen mixed berries
3) Love the spinach artichoke dip
4) Montreal Steak Seasoning, a lot of different uses
5) Beef briskets, usually can't beat the price and when braising the meat is just as tender as if it came from a high end butcher.

Anonymous said...

Half & half
deer park water
ground beef
Pillsbury's frozen biscuits

Anonymous said...

Romaine lettece (you get 6 for what you get three at at Harris Teeter)
Compari tomatoes
Lamb chops (heavenly)
Starbuck's coffee

Anonymous said...

K Cups! Costco's prices keep me from feeling self-indulgent.

Anonymous said...

(1) Peanut-butter-filled pretzels (absolutely the best thing at Costco).

(2) Fresh salmon fillet.

(3) Fresh bruschetta (to die for).

(4) 80-pack of Caribou coffee k-cups.

(5) Asian pot stickers

Anonymous said...

1. Craisins
2. Fresh berries
3. Eggland's Best eggs (1.5 dozen)
4. Olive Oil
5. Oscar Meyer turkey bacon

Anonymous said...

1. fresh mango slices
2. fresh blueberries
3. fruit and nut mix
4. eggland's best eggs (gotta love the rich color of the yolks)
5. tuscan chicken salad - back when they carried it :(

Rodney said...

1) Kirkland organic salsa & Kirkland organic tortilla chips
2) Kirkland dried cherries
3) milk
4) 1/2 and 1/2
5) block of gorganzola

Anonymous said...

1. Don Pablo coffee
2. Freshly roasted chicken
3. Chobani Greek Yogurt
4. Eggland's best eggs
5. Kirkland's Soy Milk (actually Silk)

Don said...

Big bags of artichokes (coming soon!).

Kay said...

Kirkland coffee, Dried chicken strips (dog treats), deli chicken salad, lettuces, frozen Palermo pizzas

Anonymous said...

Yea & I can buy any of these things at SAMS or walmart so take your DAM YANKEE store & go back where you came from!!!

Hannibal Brother said...

We always get:
1. Half n Half (half the price of what you pay at the grocery store)

2. Fage Greek Yogurt - essential for smoothies

3. More smoothie ingredients: Kirkland's frozen strawberries & Wyman's frozen blueberries

4. Starbuck's Whole Bean French Roast

5. Boneless chicken thighs to cook for my dogs.

6. Whole choice grade unpeeled tenderloin.

7. Tritip, when they have them (again about half the cost compared to Earthfare)

8. Marcona almonds

9. Jif. If I want a more natural taste, then I'll eat a handful of peanuts. I can't stand to open a jar and see the oil separated and floating on top -- plus that sch!t goes rancid very quickly. Add big box of Saltines to go with the peanut butter.

Costco is a weekly trip for us, and the Tyvola location is just off the highway. We actually look forward to going there. It is always like a little treasure hunt.

shari said...

1 - Dried blueberries - my husband loves them on his Cheerios.

2 - Wine

3- Cheese

4 - Fresh Chicken pot pie

5- Kirkland Fruit and Nut mix

Anonymous said...

Since when was Seattle, Washington considered "Yankee"? Come on, that would be like me calling you a Redneck. It is a great store and go ahead and go to Sam's.

Anonymous said...

Rotisserie chicken. For $4.99, they are huge! I use the meat for Brunswick stew and my daughter makes stock with the bones.

Orange juice and grape juice for my husband's breakfast.

Anonymous said...

1. Baby Spinach

2. Coffee Beans

3. Cheeses, both hard and sliced

4. Rotisserie Chicken

5. Olive Oil

rallygal1 said...

I shop BJ's since we don't have a Cosco in the area.