Monday, February 7, 2011

Drunkest Cities List: How does Charlotte rank?

Men's Health magazine did an online survey of American cities with the worst ranking for drunkenness, using stats like death from liver disease, traffic fatalities blamed on drunk driving, DUI arrests, and a couple of others. Which city got the dubious honor of first? Fresno, Calif.

St. Louis, which won't host the 2012 Democratic National Convention, just missed the top 5, clocking in at No. 6.

Carolinas cities didn't escape: Columbia, S.C., ranked highest, at No. 13, while Greensboro (43), Raleigh (63), Charlotte (74) and Durham (94) all landed in the Top 100.

Unfortunately, Men's Health has it posted as one of those click-at-a-time slide shows. Find the whole list much faster at


Anonymous said...

I bet uptown would rank #1.

Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son

MHC said...

I'd be most curious to know exactly how the availability of public transportation impacted the results (since they were ranking, in part, death by motor vehicle) and if the list compilers took that into account.

Bobby said...

74th is pretty good, actually.

Bobby said...

Good point, MHC. Boston and New York have fantastic public transit and are ranked among the most sober.

Anonymous said...

Funny how Lubbock ranks as one of the drunkest cities in the country when it was, until a year ago, a 'dry city' where you couldn't buy beer or liquor anywhere except on one street on the outskirts of town called 'the strip'. I wonder if the fact that new yoprk, boston and other places are 'less drunk' is due to the fact that there are more things to do in those particular cities than just drink?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:46

It's more than likely the mass transit system. I went to college in a very small remote town, with little to do but drink. One of the years I was there - it got ranked as having the lowest per capita incidence of Drunk Driving in the country. It's bus system was (and is) extremely convenient and cheap, and takes you just about anywhere.