Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What's on your plate in food news today?

We're serving up a feast of food stories today, all over the paper. Go to, or try these links:

  • Several years ago, a curious Charlotte diner called and asked if I had ever heard of a guy with the crazy name of Rock Stone. Ever since then, I've been talking to Rock and hearing stories about Rock, all while trying to arrange to do a story on him. This week, I finally got my chance, with "Riding With Rock," a profile of the guy who hauls seafood from the coast and sells it to Charlotte restaurants. Don't miss Diedra Laird's photos and video.
  • While we're on the subject of sustainable and local seafood, my colleague Andrea Weigl put together a handy and useful explanation of the various terms used, from gillnets to dredging.
  • A couple of years ago, I wrote a column about a crazy local kid who was starting his career in food photography by going to college football talgates and blogging about it. It was just crazy enough to work: Now Taylor Mathis has a career as a food photographer, and he has a book, "The Southern Tailgating Cookbook." Read about it here.  
  • Once a month, Daniel Hartis brings you a column about something interesting in the Charlotte beer scene. Today: Can beer drinkers and wine drinkers find common ground? Along with that, here's Daniel's pick for the beer he thinks you ought to know about right now.
  • The Food page isn't the only place you'll find food coverage today. Over at Shop Talk, our business page on small businesses, you can read about the business gamble that led Suzie and Todd Ford to open one of Charlotte's most popular beer spots, NoDa Brewing.
  • Also on ShopTalk: Zerrick Bynum has a bakery startup that's aiming to become the Etsy of the cupcake-and-cookie world. Read about Viddlz (say it "vittles").  

But wait -- there's more:
Quick Fix for 2 has a salsa/salad with chicken and a vermouth dressing.

It's time to get tickets for Taste of the World, and more food news.

Entree tells you how to make an amazing French buttercream.

I answer a question about whether to refrigerate eggs, in Q&A.
Welcome to Wednesday -- dig in.