Thursday, November 3, 2011

Yes, Cincy fans, Graeter's ice cream is here

I sit next to three people with ties to Cincinnati, but that's not the only reason I know about Graeter's ice cream: Every publication from Saveur to Gourmet to Oprah includes it on the lists of the country's best ice creams.

Made by the French-pot method, it's known for being exceptionally creamy, and for having really rich flavors, particularly the popular black raspberry chocolate chip.

Still, I didn't expect to ever try it. It's pricey to mail-order it and I don't have many chances to visit Cincinnati.

So how great is this? Fresh Market and Kroger stores started carrying Graeter's ice cream in October.

It's not cheap, at $5.49 a pint, but that's actually in line with other premium ice creams. And Graeter's is definitely premium: After a taste-test at my desk, two Cincinnati co-workers, Tim Funk and Karen Garloch (she's not from Cincinnati, but she's married to a native), they declared it has all the richness and creaminess they expect.

We had black raspberry chip and peppermint, which is available for the holidays. Fresh Market at Strawberry Hill, at Providence and Fairview, also had mocha chip and vanilla chocolate chip.

Since frozen Skyline Chili has been the area for years, that means Cincinnati transplants at least are happy. All they need now are Montgomery Inn ribs.


Anonymous said...

Montgomery Inn ribs are worth going to Cincinnati for. I used to fly there on business and would make a point to hit Montgomery Inn whenever I went, even if I had to catch it at lunch on a day trip. They simply don't taste like any other ribs anywhere.

Kathleen Purvis said...

Skyline's chili certainly doesn't taste like any other chili. So I can believe the ribs are different too. But what makes them so different?

Tom Hanchett said...

Love Grater's ice cream!!

Anonymous said...

Earth Fare in Ballantyne carries Graeter's too. I bought a pint of their mint chocolate chip and it was heavenly!