Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Top Chef": Is it time to pack their knives and go?

Two things about me and "Top Chef": I'm not a fan of reality TV (isn't part of the idea of TV-watching to escape reality?) and it seems a little weird to watch a TV show about cooking where you never get to taste the food and you don't learn anything useful about cooking.

Those prejudices aside, I have been a fan of "Top Chef." I got caught up in the whole Volt Bros drama, and spent way too much time quietly cheering for Carla. But as the saga and the spinoffs continue, I've found myself cooling on it, in the same way you love a food until that moment when you take one bite too much. I liked the first season of "Top Chef Masters" but erased the last season without watching more than an episode or two -- and I knew people competing. I watched one episode of "Top Chef Desserts" and wasn't interested enough to go on.

So, with the regular season of "Top Chef" starting Wednesday night on Bravo (they're in Texas this time, which is probably not a surprise anymore), I'm curious how you feel about it.

Do you love it and hang on Padma's costume change?
Are you bored enough to stick your head in a stockpot?
Does the whole thing just make you want to yank out Tom's soul patch?


Anonymous said...

L-O-V-E IT. Don't care for the spinoffs (desserts? please...), but Top Chef is CLASSIC television. Been eagerly waiting for the new season since the last finale.

Anonymous said...

I like Top Chef and Masters but I didnt get Desserts (and I'm a baker/cake decorator as a side job!).

Anonymous said...

I love Top Chef, I really like Top Chef Masters - it's fun watching essentially the guest judges have to do what the "kids" have been doing, but honestly, after two seasons of Top Chef Just Desserts, it can go - I watched both, but for the most part, they are the ones with too much attitude and whine to enjoy it.

Angie said...

I used to love Top Chef. It, like other similar shows (ProjRun, anyone?) have changed over the years. I enjoyed it more when it was honest-to-goodness "nobody" chefs. Not so-and-so who owns a restaurant, and Jen who works for Ripert. Is it just me? Being crowned 'Top Chef' actually kinda meant something, back in the day (for reality TV, that is). I DVR'd the first episode last night, and will give it a shot over the weekend. I'm sure I'll watch it again this season - I'm a sucker for Tom... and any time that Ted, Tony, or Eric guest judge.
I couldn't really get into Masters, and I thought Desserts was terrible, terrible (Sorry Gail).

Kathleen Purvis said...

Thanks for the thoughtful posts, all. Now that the season is officially open, I guess I'll have to take a look.