Thursday, July 21, 2011

Bourdain and Ripert: Together on stage

Chef Eric Ripert and professional mouth Tony Bourdain are coming to Charlotte on Oct. 26 with their stage show "Good Vs. Evil: An Evening With Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert," at the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center.

Ripert is the chef of New York's famed restaurant Le Bernardin and the host of PBS's "Avec Eric." Bourdain, for the three people on the planet who haven't encountered him, is the host of Travel Channel's "No Reservations."

According to the Blumenthal, they will "share stories and muse on the place of food in our personal, community and global life." Tickets range from $34.50 to $150 for VIP packages and go on sale at 10 a.m. July 29, online at, by calling 704-372-1000 or at the Blumenthal box office, 130 N. Tryon St.

So which one will play good and which will be evil? I can tell you that Ripert certainly has the nicer smile. And Bourdain certainly has the biggest . . . hmm. Let's just call it an ego.

Sorry, I'm struggling with what to say about Mr. Bourdain. He doesn't struggle with what to say about me and my profession. Back in March, he unleashed a diatribe on his blog in which he claimed that newspaper food editors spend all our time writing "kicky new muffin recipes."

Since I can only recall writing one muffin story in my life (back in the early 1990s, on how to make low-fat muffins that don't have the texture of rubber balls and certainly weren't kicky), I'm not sure how to welcome him to Charlotte. Perhaps I should send muffins.


Anonymous said...

$150 to hear their opinions. REALLY?!? Unfortunately I'm guessing that the $35 seats will be up high and/or far away so that you'll basically just be able to hear but barely see these guys speak. I guess we won't have to see Bourdain's cigarette stained lips if we are far away though.

Anonymous said...

Personally I'm thrilled they are coming, and I look forward to seeing the show. In fact, if you are Email Priority Club, you can get your tickets now. (I just did). Alas I deemed the VIP tickets too rich for my blood (though I would have loved it), and opted for Orchestra seats.

As for the seats - I really think the Belk Theater has pretty good seats all around. Thank goodness this show isn't at Ovens!