Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Yes world, Charlotte is a food destination

San Francisco, New York and . . . Charlotte?

Financial website CreditDonkey.com, which puts together a lot of lists based on number-crunching, has a new list on the Top 10 "Best Cities for Foodies," aimed at people looking for places to live.

No. 9 on the list: Good ol' Charlotte, N.C.

The other nine, in order:

1. San Francisco.
2. New York.
3. Virginia Beach, Va.
4. Portland, Ore.
5. Providence, R.I.
6. Orlando.
7. Miami.
8. Seattle.
9. Yep, Charlotte.
10. Memphis.

The rankings are based on restaurant sales per capita ($2,180 for Charlotte), people per establishment (470), full service/fast food differential (+0.135) and growth (-0.312%).

The full service/fast food differential means the difference between the number of full-service restaurants per thousand people and the number of fast food restaurants, while growth is the change in the number of restaurants between 2007 and 2009.

From the study: "Charlotte was hit the hardest in terms of negative growth from 2007 to 2009, but a decline of three-tenths of 1 percent in a recession isn’t bad. Some areas saw declines north of 10 percent in the same time period. The restaurant sales per capita are already above the national average, but Charlotte is one of only two cities in the top 10 to have a consumer price index below the national average. That $2,180 in restaurant spending per person would be equal to about $3,650 in San Francisco and more than $5,000 in New York."

See the full study here: CreditMonkey


Anonymous said...

This list makes no sense to me. Virginia Beach the number 3 food city in the US? Charleston not even on the list? Charlotte at #9? Puh-lease!

Anonymous said...

I dunno man, CreditDonkey.com is a pretty reputable source for culinary excellence ...

Anonymous said...

Anybody can publish a list.

Anonymous said...

Uh....no. Not even close to being a food destination