Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What's new in this week's Food lineup?

When Katherine Vest called to ask if I would speak to her cooking club, I said no: I'd rather come and write about it. How could I resist the tale of nine women who get together every month to do something food-related? Especially when I found out a house had been TP'd.

Yes, food-news fans, the mighty Michael Pollan will speak in Charlotte at Queens University next week. And tickets are still available. This one ought to be a sellout.

Of the many things we love on the Rooster's menu, the skillet-fried corn is always a favorite. For this week's restaurant-request column, You Asked For It, Robin Domeier asked for the recipe. And the woman who asked for it, Johanna Wilson, has already sent us a picture showing us she made it as soon as the story posted online Tuesday night. Now, that's service.

Which foods last the longest? It's an interesting question, and I did my best to answer, in this week's Q&A. 

And there's more, in our recipe features:
Quick Cooking for 2 has steamed mussels that are easy enough for a weeknight.
Entree has a powerfully delicious enchilada soup made in a slow cooker.
Suzanne Havala Hobbs has nutritious and delicious ideas for cabbage this fall.