Friday, June 21, 2013

A tough week for Paula Deen


Anonymous said...

Dear Paula,

You're just a typical white person.

Barack H. Obama

Anonymous said...

I lost any respect I had for the woman after she withheld the news that she was a Type 2 diabetic while pitching her carb-laden recipes ... and didn't see the error of her ways until she got a fat endorsement contract. The drug she is paid to promote is one that my insurance company specifically excludes from coverage and it costs $450 for about a three-week supply. How much of that money goes into Paula's pocket?

I was born and raised in the South and I'm proud to be. I'm 10 years younger than Paula so I, too, lived through segregation. But I have never used the word she used, I don't make jokes at anyone's expense and I don't think it's "impressive" to put anyone in a position of servitude for my entertainment. And most people I know feel the same way.

Paula will have her apologists, of course. But I think she's a phony and this time, her PR machine went off the track.

Anonymous said...

I am completely blown away by the "politically correct" furor over someone using the "N" word "earlier in her life"...get it...the PAST. Heaven forbid people would want to crucify me today for things I may have said or done IN MY PAST!!! Really people?! I strongly suggest you get a life and put all that energy into something positive to actually help someone.

Anonymous said...

Give the lady a break! What she said is socially unacceptable today but more the norm in years past. Surely most of you have known someone in the past who made the a similar mistake.

Keith said...

As an African American, I get the use of the N word in the "past" (I am sure she uses it all the time). What I am absolutely furious about is the fact she contemplated having a "Slave Themed" wedding reception for her brother... Are you kidding me? I "loved" Paula and watched her shows all the time, but I cannot overlook this matter in 2013@

Anonymous said...

Keith, AGREED! Clearly the people who focusing on the "N" word thing have not bothered to read the complete complaint or the deposition. The Paula Deen on TV is a fictional character. The real woman, by her own testimony, is a foul-mouthed, snotty redneck bigot. Read up on the facts BEFORE you defend her!

Anonymous said...

I still call a spade a spade and will till the day I die without apologies.

Paula has been ruined because she is an attractive white lady.

All of us have targets on our backs.

Bring it on!

Mark said...

I personally will double my support for her. Persecution like this should backfire.

Wiley Coyote said...

Ooooooo, the bad "N" word.

Here we have a discussion - a real discussion about an issue where someone uttered a word that has been deemed offensive by many.

We're all adults here. It's all about context, yet some people don't care. Say the word and you're dead. Dead for the rest of your life. Such hypocrisy.

Paula Deen used the word nigger. Yes, I typed it out and this post probably won't see the light of day but in discussing this issue, to continue to "shhh, you must only say "N" instead of the word in a valid discussion is ludacris.

Speaking of Ludacris, I'll get to him in a moment.

In January, a blogger posted a story on about Samuel L, Jackson backing a interviewer in a corner because he used "n-word" when asking about how many times it was used in Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained.

Here is what the blogger wrote:

...His principles did not stop him from saying the word nigger, society did — and that is what Sam Jackson exposed. This nation’s hypocrisy in banning a word, while not banning the hate that produced it.

Quentin Tarantino’s gratuitous use of violence and racist language in his art gives hipster, white America a “pass,” if only for a few hours, to be as ugly and profane as the word nigger.

...By Jackson pushing Hamilton to break through society’s self-imposed rule — and Hamilton’s subsequent struggle with propriety — he was answering the question “Why use the word so much in the movie?”

Because it hurts, and it’s uncomfortable, and it’s painful, and it’s real, and it has the power to silence a grown man for fear that he will be thought racist if he says the most dreaded two syllables in America — even if only to discuss a film. And that makes it necessary.

If the word nigger is woven so tightly throughout Django Unchained for historical authenticity, then it should be equally relevant in post-dialogue as the film is deconstructed.

And if we are ever to diminish the stranglehold that the word has over this nation’s psyche, then Jackson’s order to Hamilton is the first step to making that happen.

Say it.

Here is the full article:

As for Ludacris, his lyrics as well as those from other artists, contain every first-letter-you can't-say-word in them, especially nigga and nigger. Yet they still sell records. They still do movies and get a pass. Why didn't Deen?

As with Deen, if we can't even have an honest discussion about these issues and speak about them plainly, then damning and sending Deen to a leper colony for the rest of her life while other people get a pass, puts us all in the boat some want to put Deen in.

Anonymous said...

I have not cared for Paula Deen since she appeared at Ovens Auditorium several years ago. She did to shows and treated the woman who actually does the cooking on stage with such disrespect. She talked down to her like she was a second class citizen. She also made a joke about her brothers first wife since he had remarried a much younger girl.
The women cooking on stage is the one that actually comes up with the recipes Paula uses. She is far to busy with her appearances to do it herself.