Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Looking for a recipe from a local restaurant?

Have you eaten something at a local restaurant that you're dying to try to make yourself? Robin Domeier wants to know about it for a new column on recipes from restaurants.

Remember, though, that national chain restaurants rarely share their recipes. So it's best to stick to dishes made by local chefs. She also may need to adjust some of the recipes, particularly if they involve very large quantities or products that aren't available to home cooks. But Robin has a lot of experience and training as a personal chef. So if she can't get it, there's a chance she can come up with something like it.

The column will start next month and she's looking for requests to get started. Send her an email at with the name of the menu item, the restaurant where it's served, your name and the town where you live (there are so many towns in our circulation area that we like to be able to say if you live in Mooresville or Monroe) and a little bit about why you like the dish so much.