Thursday, January 24, 2013

How about a whole month of beer?

I knew craft and microbrew beer was officially huge in North Carolina. Now it's apparently gotten so large  that it will take a month to hold it.

The N.C. Division of Tourism has announced that April will be N.C. Beer Month. The idea is that special restaurant menus, beer pairings, beer-themed cooking classes, educational seminars, hotel and tour packages and festivals will go on all over the state during that month.

Expect things like a "Beer City" weekend package at the Aloft in downtown Asheville, a Beer Lovers Weekend special at the O. Henry in Greensboro and the 11th annual Hickory Hops Festival on April 20 in Hickory.

As the event calendar grows, you'll be able to find out more at (you can sign up now for alerts).

With more than 70 breweries in the state now, our glass is foaming over.


Victimofyourowntrend said...

So, craft folks hate the macro beer industry's for being too big and all about profits...meanwhile pay 8.99+ a 6 pack for beer, all in the sake of 'local.' Consider yourself duped. You just allowed the entire beer industry to charge more for beer. Thank God you snobs haven't made it over into liquor...yet.

Anonymous said...

First of all "victim" - I prefer craft beers for the taste and have no problem paying for it. If you prefer domestic cheap mass produced beers go for it but there are many people like me that prefer more unique beers, just like there are people who prefer finer wines.

Oh yeah and if you think that "snobs" haven't gotten into liquor you must have really had your head in the sand. Go to any decent liquor store and you have can find incredible (and expensive) bottles of scotch, bourbon, vodka, tequila, etc. I have a $300 bottle of tequila and there are many much more expensive than that. Looks like you need to stick with PBR and cheap rot gut liquor. Leave the good stuff for the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

Yep, Budweiser tastes just the same as a Duck-Rabbit Baltic Porter. Chili's is fine dining too.