Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What's better than a Snicker's bar?

I was walking an out-of-town food friend through town after lunch Wednesday afternoon when we stopped by the King's Kitchen Bakery. He had eaten virtuously at 5Church (beet sliders - much better than they sound) and I foolishly mentioned that we could stop by King's for caramel cake to go. Turns out my friend has a real thing for caramel cake.

Except when we reached the bakery, they were out of caramel cake. The checkerboard red velvet cake looked good, but not so good he couldn't resist. He's very virtuous, this friend of mine.

Then the guy behind the counter mentioned that they had Snickers Bars. Housemade Snickers Bars. With real dark chocolate, real caramel. Real nougat, for heaven's sake.

That, we decided, was a tasting requirement. He pulled one out of the refrigerator, wrapped in brown paper and tied with cute red and white string. A generous size for sharing, for $3.

How was it? It was a from-scratch, cold Snickers Bar made in a real bakery. What do you think?

But here's the downer: They don't usually make them. These were leftovers from a special order.

"Unless," the baker said, "people come in and demand them or something."

Hmm. I wonder how I can get people to do that? Did I mention that the King's Kitchen Bakery also has a really good chicken sandwich? And that the bakery is on Church street just past the King's Kitchen restaurant at Trade and Church?