Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DNC in your mouth: Donkey and 'phant truffles

We have several months to go before we actually get to vote. But with the Democratic National Convention headed to town in just a few weeks, you can declare your allegiance in chocolate.

Moonstruck Chocolate Co.'s Election Collection goes on sale this week at Fresh Market stores in Charlotte. Each four-piece box features either elephants or donkeys whimsically rendered in chocolate and filled with dark chocolate ganache.

In our office, people thought they had a distinctly Seussian look, although the donkey looks a bit like a cow, while the elephant can be mistaken for a hippo. Still, for some of us, there are starting to be charms in the notion of biting the head off either totem.

Moonstruck rep Theresa Ford says they tried doing a mixed box with elephants and donkeys, but it didn't fly: "Nobody liked that."

The four-piece box is $15 SRP. If you want to watch videos of them being made, you can go to You Tube.


Anonymous said...

And since they're filled with dark chocolate ganache both of them look like they're full of crap! But I bet they taste great.

Andy at TSC said...

They hit us up to host them but it seemed really odd having someone elses chocolate truffles in our hallowed halls. We did look long and hard for some medallions or something to utilize for the convention but couldn't find any. I'm guessing they have their trademarks wrapped up as tight as the Oscar statues.

Anonymous said...

Statue of Liberty for the Libertarians and Governor Gary Johnson?

Kathleen Purvis said...

Sounds like a marketing opportunity, Anon 10:42.