Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Serious Eats loves food trucks in the Triangle

Sure, I wish this was a slide show about food trucks here in Charlotte. But we did lag behind for a while, although we have a great crop of food on the roll these days. But the Triangle is certainly ahead of us.

To prove it, the food site Serious Eats has a slide show up featuring food trucks that are mostly around Durham. There's a steamed dumpling food truck called Chirba Chirba (above)? Who knew?

Foodtruck slide show here.

And if the slide show makes you hungry, go here for The Observer's map of food truck locations around Charlotte. (The Tin Kitchen is usually lurking outside my office on Wednesdays. Mm, tacos.)



Unknown said...
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Kat Woman said...

I recently saw a show called "My Family Recipe Rocks" that featured Chirba Chirba, and I've been dying to get up to Durham and try the dumplings ever since! Good for them for making the Serious Eats list! Here's a link to the show: