Thursday, January 26, 2012

Girl Scouts are smart cookies

Who doesn't get a smile over Girl Scout cookies? Well, OK, I still remember the way the old cardboard handle of the cookie cartons cut into your fingers on a long afternoon of slugging cookies door to door back on Old Fort Drive in Ocala, Fla. And the way the crabby old guy three blocks up the street slammed the door in my face when he found out I had already sold out of Thin Mints.

But you know, those memories actually still make me smile.

So, as a former Girl Scout and a fan of all things lemon-flavored, I have to point out the news in the Girl Scout cookie season:
1. It's the 100th anniversary, for those of us who can still hum along to "Juliette, Juliette, Gordon Low/founded the Girl Scouts so long ago. . . ."
2. In honor of the anniversary, there's a new lemon-flavored cookie, Savannah Smiles. ("From Savannah Mrs. Low did roam/But she always called it home.") The cookie is half-moon shaped, sort of smile-like, and it's crunchy, with a light powdered-sugar coating and a bright lemon flavor.
3. Girl Scout booth sales (no one carries cartons door to door anymore) start Feb. 17, and now there's a Cookie Finder app. Dial **GSCOOKIES (**472665437) from your smart phone and you can use GPS to find the nearest cookie booth. (There is no app needed for finding the Girl Scout parent taking advance orders -- there's usually at least one in every office.)

Photo: Huffington Post


that's what she said...

so far no one has asked me to buy yet.

i never like it when the mom's at work force it upon us.....