Friday, January 6, 2012

14 schools are growing their own pizza

If you're going to teach gardening to kids, you better make it real. Pizza is real, so that's the focus of the Mecklenburg Health Department's Field to Fork Pizza Garden Program, using a grant from The 704 Project. Fuel Pizza, CMS and Charlotte Green are all partners in the program, which just awarded garden projects to 14 CMS schools.

Winning schools are:
Barringer Academic Center
Polo Ridge Elementary
Elizabeth Traditional Elementary
Allenbrook Elementary
J.H. Gunn Elementary
Winterfield Elementary
Providence Spring Elementary
Endhaven Elementary
Pinewood Elementary
Selwyn Elementary
Highland Mill Montessori
Sharon Elementary
Chantilly Montessori
Shamrock Gardens Elementary.

The schools get nutrition, gardening and cooking lessons and an end-of-the-year pizza party from Fuel. For details and pictures, go here.

Way to grow, guys.