Friday, September 30, 2011

Garden & Gun gets taste of Charlotte

If you haven't encountered the excellent Charleston-based magazine Garden & Gun (yes, Trad, that's the name), you might want to make a point of tracking down the October/November issue:

Not only does it focus on great food finds all over the South, but Southern food expert John T Edge took a close look at food here in the Queen City. Edge came through for several days earlier in the summer and I was one of his guides for a couple of mealtimes. The boy moves fast. It took several of us, including Tom Hanchett, to keep up with his dining schedule. The article includes King's Kitchen, Brook's Sandwich House, Halcyon, Reids, Harvest Moon and a bunch of other places.

The final article is a thoughtful picture of cuisine as it exists right here, right now. And speaking of pictures, yes, that's me, in my kitchen with the red cabinets. Photographer Squire Fox (yes, Trad, that's his real name) was very kind and only used the flattering lens, as promised.

They keep most of the current issue off the web site until the print issue has been out for a while, so you'll need to look for it on news stands for the time being. Otherwise, the web site is


Anonymous said...

Kathleen: Do you know what Charlotte-area "newsstands" carry the mag?
Heck: Can you tell me where there's still a "newsstand" IN Charlotte?

Kathleen Purvis said...

Sorry, Anon 5:24. "Newsstand" is shorthand for "place they sell printed stuff like magazines and newspaper." It's sort of like when Martha Stewart says "fishmonger," even though fishmonger went out with the buggy whip. On where to get a copy, I'm looking into it. I grabbed a copy at the airport last week. I just checked with Park Road Books, always a good source of magazines, and was told it sold out immediately and they're trying to get more. I've got a call in to the G&G office and should know more by Monday morning. I'd like a copy myself, to send to my mom.

Tracy said...

The sundries shops in Founders Hall and Overstreet downtown had them last week

Anonymous said...

Picked up a copy today at Barnes & Noble on Colony and Sharon. Great article and kudos on the picture Kathleen! There were several more copies at B&N when I was there.

Anonymous said...

Books a Million at Cotswold carries them.