Friday, April 8, 2011

OK, what IS on your Trader Joe's list?

Why, it seems like just five years ago that we were tapping our internal feet and waiting for the mystic Trader Joe's to sail into Charlotte. Now we're accustomed to all of it -- the Hawaiian shirts, the ship's bell, the quaint irritation when they run out of raw pine nuts right in the middle of pesto season.

Was there ever a time when we didn't speak Jo-Jo and Cat Cookie?

In my last post, I asked you to share the things you've gotten at Trader Joe's that weren't up to your standards. Now, as I promised, it's time to share your list of things you always get or seriously love.

Judging from the piled-high carts I see when I slip in, some people may have very long lists. So -- if it isn't too rude -- let me ask for your Top 5: The five things you always get when you go.

I'll start:
1. The frozen oatmeal (Costco does it cheaper, but Joe does it tastier)
2. Chocolate Cat Cookies
3. Just A Handful Simple Almonds, Cashews & Cranberries Trek Mix (perfect for desk drawer and airline snacking)
4. All-butter puff pastry
5. Mandarin Orange Chicken, the one thing my husband and son will make for themselves when I'm out of town.

If it's Christmas, my five-list would be: Peppermint Jo-Jo's, Peppermint Jo-Jo's, Peppermint Jo-Jo's, Peppermint Jo-Jo's and Peppermint Jo-Jo's.

So what's your 5 list?


Anonymous said...

1) fresh pizza dough for $1, I get the whole wheat.

2) frozen artichokes, great price for a hard-to-find product.

3) mushroom risotto -- disgustingly easy to make and very tasty. Risotto should take effort and pain, though.

4) The French muscadet wine for $6.99 a bottle. Fantastic everyday white wine for a cheap price.

5) The four pack of baby artichokes, perfect for grilling.

Kathleen Purvis said...

Great picks, Anon 10:15. I can already see my shopping list is going to get longer. I'll definitely look for those baby artichokes.

Anonymous said...

Walnut pieces to mix with cereal
Honey Nut O Cereal
Any Granola Cereal
Cherry Preserves
Crab Cakes

Shauna said...

Steele Cut Oats
Blue Fin Chardonnay (soooo good)
Maple Syrup
Lamb chops

robw222 said...

1. Hummus (with Tahini.. why they even carry the non-Tahini type is a mystery to me... should have included it on my "Don't Like" list.)My favorite is Tribe but theirs is as good and about half the price.

2. Pita bread (a good buy and always fresh)to go with above.

3. Jasmine Rice from the freezer section is one of my daughter's favorites.

4. Chickpea salad- good and garlicky!

5. Frozen salmon and Mahi- I keep this stocked in my freezer.

Alice said...

1. I also get that artichoke 4-pack constantly
2. Masala simmer sauce. Great to have on hand for a last minute dinner.
3. Frozen garlic naan. Perfect with #2 or for a lazy girl's pizza.
4. Kerrygold butter- cheapest price anywhere!
5. Chili lime cashews. YUM.

Joy said...

1. all their nuts -- best price around
2. TJs sprouted bread -- much tastier than Ezekiel's
3. 3 pack of dark chocolate bars at the checkout
4. Steel cut oatmeal and mixed hot cereal
5. Medjool dates
6. English Farmhouse Cheddar (yum!)
7. Whole Wheat gnocci
8. Heat and eat pork carnitas (this stuff is incredible -- you have to try it to believe it)

Unknown said...

Vegetarian egg rolls
Low fat crunchy cheese curls
Triple ginger snaps
Eggplant Parmesan - freezer section
Chocolate gateau

Anonymous said...

1) Ginger Almond Cashew granola cereal
2) Frozen spinach
3) Spanakopita
4) Havarti
5) IQF chicken breasts

Jessica said...

I tend to do almost all of my shopping at Trader Joe's, but these are probably the five consistent items I only purchase there:

1. Peanut Butter with Roasted Flax Seeds.

2. Various curry sauces.

3. Frozen meat substitutes and tofu.

4. Cheese. They have a great list of (animal) rennet-free cheeses on their website, as well as lists of all their vegetarian and vegan products.

5. Beer and wine.

Anonymous said...

Marinated Leg of Lamb Roast
Fire Roasted Corn
Greek Feta in the tub
Edamame Hummus
Frozen Langostino Tails
Spearean Risotto (Asparagus)
Frozen Mac & Cheese (awesome)

Anonymous said...

Columbian coffee beans
Truffles at Christmas
Blue Fin Pinot Noir
Better n Butter Peanut Butter
Maple syrup
Cheese - Stilton w/apricot & Irish cheddar

Sherry R said...

I always walk out with fresh flowers, french toast, nuts, frozen veggies and sweet & sour chicken.
I have however been wondering about the fresh pizza has now been added to my list..artichokes are now added to my list....maybe I'll just print this

Schreven Valle said...

1. Chinese dumplings
2. Chocolate Cat Cookies
3. Baguettes
4. Pasta - kids love the flat noodles
5. Marinara Sauce

Anonymous said...

- The frozen potstickers (aka gyoza or dumplings) - Chicken, shrimp or vegetable. The pork ones aren't bad, but the pig-lover in me expected better.

- The frozen tamales (chicken or beef) and pork carnitas.

- All of the nuts and trail mixes, but particularly the rosemary macadamia nuts. If you haven't tried these you should go get them right now.

- The frozen sweet potato fries.

- The higher-end balsamic vinegar - it is very good for the price. Their (relatively) cheaper stuff is inedible.

Some of the veggies and other items are great, too, but I love the convenience of the above items for those nights you just don't feel like cooking.

P.S. I love pizza, but I don't think their pizza crust is good at all.

Anna said...


Anonymous said...

Gotta have their coffee, House Blend dark roast. Will run out of the house at 10 minutes till 9 to get it.

Anonymous said...

1.Chocolate Chip dunkers -my husband LOVES them with morning coffee
2.Air popped potato chips
3.Pancake Cellar white wine - we were surprised at how good this tastes given the low price
4.frozen orange chicken/served over their frozen microwavable brown rice - so easy to prepare!
5.Four cheese frozen pizza
6. (in the fall) Pumpkin pancake mix
7. chewable Melatonin tablets

Anonymous said...

1. chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches
2. fresh mozarella sticks
3. chicken and sweet potato dog biscuits
4.whole wheat pasta
5. blue cheese spread (this is great stirred into the pasta with a little cream for a very easy dinner)

Anonymous said...

I do almost all of my shopping at Trader Joes b/c I can get healthier options for less money, so I could have a really long list. But these are some of our favorites:

1) pizza dough

2) whole milk plain Greek yogurt

3) chocolate chips (no artificial flavors!)

4) unsalted tortilla chips, and salsa

5) beer for the hubby

6) Dark Chocolate Lover's Chocolate Bar (and the 3 pack of dark chocolate for the hubby)

Anonymous said...

1. Frozen Apple blossoms

2. Vitamins - Costco's are better but these are good quality as well.

3. The bean and rice snack chips...for those of us who like to snack but are still health consciouus.

4. Liquid Laundry detergent - nice lavender smell to it. and at around $10 for the huge jug, quite a bargain!

5. Fresh pineapple spears. This has to be the best pineapple I've ever tasted!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

1. Cranberry Walnut Gorgonzola salad dressing in the refrigerated section.
2. Better N' Peanut Butter
3. Frozen Artichokes
4. Pita chips (think they're called Less package)
5 Frozen marinated fish
6. Seafood sausage (sometimes hard to find)
7. Chili lime cashews
8. Best fresh flower prices anywhere
9. $1 greeting cards....all fab
10.Fresh pizza crusts, cheeses of all kind
11. Mache (type of lettuce, impossible to find anywhere else!)
12. 'Bits & Pieces' bags of fruit leather.
13. oops....i've gone on too long...but that's what happens at TJ's!

Anonymous said...

French vanilla ice cream - YUM
Chicken shu mai
Ham, guyere and carmelized onion tart - add a salad and dinner is done
Maple Pecan Granola
Joe's O's
Maple syrup - grade b
Peppermint Jo Jo's!

Kelley Burch said...

1. fresh pizza dough

2. balsamic roasted vegetables (in frozen section)
3. TJ's hummus

4. TJ's handmade flour tortillas (best store-bought tortillas)

5. pear sauce (for kids' lunch boxes)

6. seasoned wild turbot fillets (frozen section - some of the best fish I have ever taste & paired with veggies above - DELICIOUS)

7. Fat free black bean and rice burritos

Anonymous said...

Triple Ginger Cookies!!


Chicken Seranada (frozen section)

Mini peanut butter cups - my kids like 'em better than Reeses

Tamales, especially the green chile

LOTS of their other frozen entrees are also stocked in my freezer for a quick lunch or dinner. So many great (relatively) healthy things.

Newbie to NC said...

Oh my goodness, what a list! I am new to Charlotte, therefore new to TJ's. I am going to print this list and incrementally work my way down it. Thanks to all of you for posting. Bon appetit!

Anonymous said...

Pizza dough
The goat cheese- always good and MUCH cheaper than HT
The champagne pear vinegarette (I never buy bottled dressing...but this is bliss!)
Frozen mangoes and pineapple
kerrygold butter
the lavendar salt scrub
the various oranges they have had this winter
lots of good stuff! It's where I do my shopping!

Don said...

Frozen pork gyoza
english muffins
jarred sour cherries
Empire Kosher Chickens
Pork tenderloins