Friday, March 11, 2011

Tail-wagging for Barking Dog

As chocolate makers go, Barking Dog Chocolatiers is an odd company: They make chocolates that are served for dessert at the restaurant Bonterra in Dilworth, they sell chocolates and they donate all the profits to three charities (SupportWorks, founded by BD owner Joal Fischer, NC MedAssist, and Friendship Trays).

But they don't do business in the conventional way. After I ran an item in the print paper about Barking Dog being features on the PBS/AARP show "My Generation," Joal called asking for a clarification. Sorry, Joal - your business is hard to explain.

Anyway, trying one more time: Barking Dog Chocolatiers is owned by Fischer and his wife, retired botany professor Debbie Langsam. You can get Barking Dog chocolates for dessert at Bonterra. You can go to the web site,, to learn more about the company and see the list of chocolates they make and more about the charity thing. But you can't order chocolates on the web site or buy them at the restaurant. You have to call Fischer and Langsam, at 704-333-1595.

Oh, and while some of their chocolates feature dog themes, they do not make pet treats.

Clear as chocolate milk now, Joal?


david123 said...

For great chocolate ask for one next time you are in New South Kitchen. I do not know when or why they make them but they are the best in Charlotte. They come real close to Teucher's truffles in NYC.

Joal and Debbie said...

It is our pleasure to give you the coveted Three Woof Award for your sense of humor and for posting new information about Barking Dog Chocolatiers. Congrats on the award and thank you for the kind words.