Thursday, March 10, 2011

Carolina morning: Charlie Sheen and Cheerwine

Looking around the Web this morning turns up some interesting views of North Carolina:

First, Salisbury-based Cheerwine has jumped back into the spotlight. The New York Times debates why sales of our favorite cherry soda have suddenly boomed nationally. And Grub Street, the food site for New York magazine, chimes in with its own reason: Sillies, because the New York Times ran a picture of it last year. (Something tells me it takes more than that to actually push sales. But the Times blog also has a link this morning to my story about the Hatcher Crackers. So we'll see what it takes to start an actual trend.)

Meanwhile, on Charlie Sheen Watch, Grub Street also makes a connection to The Old North State by interviewing the owner of the N.C.-based (could I make this stuff up?) about the popularity of the flavor Tiger Blood, a mix of cherry, strawberry and watermelon syrups with a hint of coconut. Sheen, of course, was shown drinking Tiger Blood and waving a machete in one of his many taped rants.

So far, there are no sightings of Sheen with Cheerwine. But if he gets hold of a SunDrop, I think it would be a good idea to duck.

Photo: The Huffington Post