Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Market Report: Tuesdays at Atherton

It's bigger than I expected. Cooler, too, in more than one meaning of the word.

I stopped by the new Atherton Market at Atherton Mill on South Boulevard on Tuesday afternoon to check out the new local-shopping option. Even on a hot afternoon, the really big ceiling fans and open doors at both ends keep breezes moving, a pleasant change from sweating under the tents at the old open field at Camden and West Park.

And the chalkboard signs, big space and new local-food makers like Duke's Bread, New York Baking and Pasta Wench give it a feel of a refreshed food mission, a very painless stop on the way home from work to add to what you bought on Saturday or to boost your fresh-vegetable quotient. (That's Adam Duke at left. A $4 tub of his incredibly flavorful tomato oil helped with the fast dinner creation at my house. I brushed a little on mahi mahi before pan-searing and sticking it in the oven, then stirred a little more into the skillet to make an instant pan sauce). There were plenty of farmers with a wide variety of vegs -- Carlea Farms with cukes and a big pile of garlic, Barbee Farms with potatoes, Fisher Farms, Laughing Owl and several more.

Of course, keeping all that variety depends on people coming out to buy it . . . You know that old saying, you get what you pay for? With local-food markets, it's also true in more than one way.

In other market news:
  • The York Downtown Market in York, S.C., is adding a new midweek market day, 3-7 p.m. Wednesdays. Details:

  • The Matthews Community Farmers Market starts its new Wednesday hours next week, 11 a.m.-1 p.m. June 9. Reports on the Saturday market include blueberry, potato and tart-cherry spottings (there seems to be a veritable cherry explosion at all the markets this year), and promises that corn and blackberries will be in within the next few weeks.

  • As always, you can find our searchable database with information on markets all over the region at


Julie @ Willow Bird Baking said...

I'm excited to find via the Observer that there's a farmers' market nearby -- or, actually, a couple. Rocky River Rd. in one direction and Huntersville in the other. I'm excited to stop in and see what they have.

Anonymous said...

Completely unimpressed with the new Atherton market. Selection is limited and prices are high - but I guess they're catering to the Dilworth crowd. Oh and Duke's needs to actually bake its bread - the stuff I brought home was half raw and tasteless.

Anonymous said...

Love, LOVE the new Atherton Market! Thanks for the Tuesday hours I don't have to wait until Saturdays to do my green market shopping. This is a jewel of a market tucked into South End.

Jennifer said...

I really like the Atherton Market. "Beverly's Gourmet" has the best pimento cheese I have ever had, and a kalamata olive spread that I've been putting into omelets lately. Another vendor "Crumbs" has what they call a Carrot Cake Inside Out Cookie. I would have called it a whoopie pie but nontheless, AMAZING GOODNESS. I really enjoy the atmpsphere and how it's encouraging people to eat local. Go Atherton Market!