Monday, June 21, 2010

Got a refrigerator for a good cause?

The people behind the Matthews Community Farmers Market are no stranger to innovation. It was the first grower-only market around here, and the first to add things like an Ask The Chef table.

This year's new program: The Share the Harvest Challenge. Customers can buy a little extra fresh produce and put it in coolers. Volunteers from the Matthews Help Center pick up the coolers and use the donations for food crisis assistance. I hear that fresh fruits and vegetables aren't the only things that get donated. One customer buys an extra dozen eggs every week to add, and the farmer/vendors do a pretty good share of donating from their unsold goods, too.

Market manager Pauline Wood says the program is doing better than they ever expected, filling 3 to 4 coolers on Saturdays and 1 or 2 on the new Wednesday market day.

In fact, it's going so well, the Matthews Help Center now needs help to handle all the food. Wood says the center is looking for someone who can donate a refrigerator to store the food while they distribute it. They need either a home refrigerator that doesn't have a freezer (so there's more space in the refrigerator) or a commercial cooler.

Got a line on one someone would be willing to donate? Call Kim Rhodarmer, the executive director of the help center, at 704-847-8383.


Nettie "Da Flayva" Benson said...

Nice entry. and for once didn't mention grits, bbq, tomato sandwiches, Price's chicken coop, banana pudding, or mint juleps.