Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Cookbook Winner: Raking Raichlen over the coals

Chemeeka, who worried she (or he) was too late is actually the winner of this week's cookbook giveaway, a copy of "Steven Raichlen's Planet Barbecue!"

Chemeeka, send your mailing address to me at kpurvis@charlotteobserver.com and I'll send you the book.

Thanks, everyone, both for playing and for sharing your notes about Memorial Day cookouts. Maybe it will dry enough to grill again by Labor Day.

If you're wondering how I pick cookbook winners, by the way, I use the very handy Random Number Generator at www.random.org. It works on numbers between 1 and 100. I number each of the entries (sometimes I number forward, sometimes backward, just to keep it interesting), then I plug the total into the Random Generator.

Works better than the Wayback Machine, if you're old enough to remember that.


Lula Lemon said...

I reference the Wayback Machine all the time! Most people look at me like I'm crazy.