Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winter market makeup day

I'll confess: The only reason I made it to both the Matthews and Charlotte Regional farmers markets in the snow and ice on Saturday was because my writer compadre, Andrea Weigl, had come over from Raleigh just to go to the Charlotte markets. Never tell a Pittsburg native it's going to snow: She just looked at me like a terrier and said, "So?"

So, we went. And a few farmers went, too. Come this summer, when I'm standing in the middle of the Matthews market with sweat riddling my brow, I will enjoy looking at my feet and remembering when I stood on the same spot ankle-deep in snow.

Just because I got out, though, doesn't mean many other people did. A handful of farmers picked and came out, laughing along with the even smaller handful of customers. But a lot more farmers picked and then couldn't get out on the roads. So there will be a couple of makeup market visits.

Today at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market, a bunch of local growers will come to join the weekday regulars from 1-5 p.m. That's at 1801 Yorkmont Road. And I hear that on Wednesday from 4-6 p.m., several farmers plan to be at the Matthews Community Farmers Market site in downtown Matthews, off N.C. 51.

If it snows this Saturday, I'm sleeping in.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff at the farmers' markets, keep up the coverage.

Not only do they brave the snow in Pennsylvania (and lots of it this month), but native Pittsburghers spell it "Pittsburgh" - as does the post office.

'Burgher said...

Yeah, Pittsburgh with an H.....and yeah, we brave the snow, but looking out at my 36-inch accumulation of the stuff, I've got to say, I'd trade you snowfalls! (Or housekeys?)

Still enjoying your writing as much as I did when I lived in a more sensible climate--keep up the good work!