Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get Excited, Tim Tam Cookie Fans

I heard from people who practically had conniptions after the Australian cookies made a brief appearance at Target last year and then were whisked back Down Under. Now, they can relax. Pepperidge Farm is bringing them back.

This time, the chocolate creme and caramel versions will be available nationwide through March, while the dark chocolate version will only be sold at Target. Suggested price is $3.39.

Pepperidge Farm says the appearance of Tim Tams between October and March will be a yearly thing from now on. So consider it a little something to tide you over before the annual return of Cadbury eggs.


Anonymous said...

Probably the best "biscuit" (Australian for cookie) on the planet. I have my Mum send a box over every Christmes and freeze them. My American friends go nuts over them. Little trick you can do with them. Bite off both ends, put one end in a glass of milk or other favorite beverage, then suck the milk through the cookie from the other end. MMMMM goood.