Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Feed and Read: What we have for you this morning

Getting a really picture-perfect lattice top on a pie is harder than it looks. Take it from a veteran of lots of not-perfect food pictures: Those darn strips can break faster than old shoe laces. But stars and strips on a pie? Piece of, um, cake: Just cut out long strips of crust, then use the last strip to punch out a bunch of stars. Brush the stars with a little egg wash (an egg white whisked with about 2 teaspoons of water) so they'll stick to the crust, then brush the whole top and sprinkle it with sugar.

Here are our recipes for apple pie, including the genius Red Hot Apple Pie from John T Edge's 2004 book "Apple Pie: An American Story," a recipe he got from a baker named Cindy Deal in Iowa City, Iowa.

Elsewhere in our food pages, you'll find:

A shortcut way to get lots of shredded pork to use in other recipes.
A new delivery system for olive oil.
A jazzed-up burger recipe from the papers of Ernest Hemingway.
An idea for how to keep parchment paper from sliding all over your counter when you roll out delicate doughs.
A two-serving stir-fry for mango season.

And here are a few great reads worth your time that I've spotted in other places:

_ The excellent website Civil Eats has a fascinating piece on moving companies and a "reverse food truck" that are picking up wasted food and getting it to people who need it:
_ A look at an N.C. version of clam chowder (news to me, and I've been around this state for quite a while), from Leite's Culinaria:
_ It's not a read, it's a watch, but the website Munchies has a nice video on Sam Jones of the Skylight Inn.
_ And finally, New York Times writer Kim Severson put together a lovely rumination and slide show on the joys of hometown ice cream parlors. It will put you in the mood for a trip to one of the many N.C. classics, like Tony's in Gastonia, Cabarrus Creamery in Concord (sliced lemon!) and the Mooresviille Ice Cream Parlor.