Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Peabody for Vivian Howard, and other food news

In breaking news this morning (updated with Andrea Weigl's interview with Howard): "A Chef's Life," the PBS show about chef Vivian Howard and her restaurant, The Chef & the Farmer in Kinston, has won a Peabody Award. "A Chef's Life" also is nominated for a James Beard Award in the broadcast category.

The Peabody Awards are officially given out May 19 in New York, while the Beard Award winners in media will be announced in New York on May 2. "A Chef's Life" has been renewed for a second season, starting in early September, with a holiday special planned in December. The show is produced by Markay Media of Durham.

In one of my favorite food stories today, Charleston Post & Courier writer Hanna Raskin sent around a query on Twitter earlier this week about what they call a frozen cup of Kool-Aid in different areas of the country. The story that resulted is not only quirky, she uncovered fascinating information on the sale of frozen Kool-Aid as an entreprenurial activity in African-American neighborhood.

On the Observer's Food page today, we got to know Anthony "Wes" Wesley, the wine steward at the McNinch House in Fourth Ward. He's an unusual fellow in an unusual restaurant. You can see Jeff Siner's pictures and video along with my store.

Time is running out to line up your tickets for the every-other-year Charlotte Wine & Food Weekend. It's gained a nationwide reputation for excellent wine experiences, and the prices range from the $40 Vintner Tasting to $350 major-wine tastings.

Southern Season, the Chapel Hill-based "gourmet lifestyle store" (in the words of owner Clay Hamner) is drawing closer to finding a Charlotte spot.

And we have recipes up for:
e2's Roasted Oysters
Garlicky Roasted Broccoli.
Cannellini Ricotta Dip.
Shepherd's Pie for 2


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