Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Today in Food: Lard, home cooking and barbecue shrimp

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Lard is back: The movement toward heritage-breed pigs has brought new thinking on the value of cooking with heritage-breed lard.

 The lard story also marks the debut of former Newsday food writer Sylvia Carter as a transplant to the Triangle. Read about Carter and her food career in Andrea Weigl's column in the News & Observer.

Speaking of columns, where do you start to re-embrace cooking? After six weeks of kitchen renovation, I finally got to stand facing my stove this weekend.

Are you a fan of Cajun Queen's version of barbecued shrimp? You Asked For It, and Robin Domeier got the recipe.

Cooking language can be mystifying. So what does it mean when you break a sauce? I answer that one in the weekly Q&A.

And there's more:
Stuffed pork chops.
Turkey picadillo for 2.
Healthy appetizers.
Frozen Greek yogurt.


Mr. P said...

Interesting I was just thinking about lard last night. I have never tried to cook with it. I know Compare foods has lots of lard. I was needing help in purchasing lard then this article came out!