Friday, November 8, 2013

Mashed potato success story

When it comes to reader response, I will put my mail up against any beat in the newsroom. There's something about the intimacy and connection of food that leads people to send me the best notes.

From this morning's in-box, we have Sharon Stark:

"Hi Kathleen,
I’ve been making mashed potatoes for probably 45 years now (started at a very tender age J) and thought I did a pretty good job. But last night, when making the potatoes for our sauerkraut and ribs dinner, I tweaked my technique a bit per some of the tips you gave in Wednesday’s article. I cooked the potatoes a little longer at a lower temperature and I melted my butter before stirring in. Following dinner my husband commented “Wow, those were especially good mashed potatoes. Really creamy! Did you use an Ore-Ida mix?” Yikes -- not sure if that was a compliment or not (when he camps he often mixes up some powdered potatoes so that’s where he gets his comparison). Despite my husband’s misguided assessment , I loved them too and will continue to make them this way from now on!"

Glad to help, Sharon. Reminding your husband of Ore-Ida potatoes may not be a bad thing. It's like the way some people prefer lumpy potatoes because they taste like the potatoes they had as kids. Comfort food should be comfortable. 

If you missed the mashed potato tips, you can still find them here, or go to With a cold weekend ahead and even snow possible next week, it's mashed potato weather. 


Anonymous said...

I like to think that my husband has good thoughts about Ore-Ida potatoes because almost everything, including mashed potato mixes, tastes great when prepared outdoors on a camp stove or over a campfire.

Sharon Starks

Hawaiian Bob said...

Speaking of taters and camping. While it's fun to cook outdoors, it's not fun to wait forever for something to get done. So what we do is bake a batch of potatoes at home and take them with us. They're quick to reheat as is in foil, or cut up in chunks for home fries at breakfast, or cube into the soup pot by the fire.

Anonymous said...

Good idea, HB. Thanks. Aloha.