Thursday, May 30, 2013

Watch and eat Saturday morning at Blue

Blue executive chef Gene Briggs will hold a class/lunch on Saturday. (That's class/lunch as in learning while you eat, not a lunch with class, although all meals at Blue are pretty classy.)

The idea is that you watch chef Briggs demonstrate how to cook the dishes that you eat; wine pairings are involved, so Saturday afternoon is pretty much assured of a nap.

The theme is Local & Fresh Food, and the menu will include a roasted broccoli and spring garlic soup, Moroccan-spiced chicken, pork tenderloin with a market vegetable succotash, and strawberry and rhubarb custard pie. It's $44.95 per person, not including tax and a 19% gratuity.

The class is part of a series on the first Saturday of the month. Next up: Turkey in July on July 13.

Details, registration and the full schedule: or call 704-927-2583.



Anonymous said...

Since all costs are set, why don't they just say its $57 or whatever the the addition of taxes and mandated gratuity makes it come to?

I don't know why everyone is afraid to publish the total cost.