Sunday, September 2, 2012

Delegates: What are you eating?

I can tell you what my diet has been like in the last week of 12- and 13-hour days getting ready for the DNC: Drive-thru, fast food, frozen stuff I barely thawed.

I was interviewing caterers by day and grabbing the fastest thing I could find at night. Ironic that Michelle Obama and her friends drove me to the first Big Mac I've eaten in a couple of years.

But what I'm more interested in is what you're eating: If you're a delegate or a DNC visitor, where did you end up going? Did you get shrimp & grits, did you love or hate our barbecue?

Pass it on, please. After hearing what the big-city papers ate here, I'm more interested in what the ground troops are doing. Email me at or send me a note through Twitter (@kathleenpurvis).



Anonymous said...

I brought my own food. I refuse to support Charlotte any more than I have to. Your city hates unions and loves corporations.

DWright1 said...