Thursday, April 26, 2012

New blog for elderly cooks

Cooking when you're older isn't the same as cooking earlier in your life. Smaller appetites, diminished taste sensation and health issues all play into it. And then there's the whole issue of cooking for one or two instead of a family.

The Sunrise Senior Living centers have a new food blog to address that, Senior Eats. Updated several times a week, it includes recipes and short articles with advice on things like shopping for one. Take a look or pass it along to someone who could use the information.


Unknown said...

what an awesome concept---I love it!!! =D

Anonymous said...

I found a great cookbook for my senior residents.This book is great, my staff now uses this cookbook for almost all of the meals in our home.

They did the research, the recipe substitutions, the testing and I put all these recipes into a cookbook entitled Healthy Recipes for the Elderly.

This ebook has nutritious healthy meals that fit within the dietary restraints.
The only problem I found was this is a ebook, but it was very easy to copy and I keep several lying around.

When you purchase Healthy Recipes for the Elderly you will gain access to Preparing Meals for the Elderly. This e-book How-To guide will teach you how to make meals for your elderly and package them so they can be frozen and cooked by the elder or a staff member. This must have companion e-book contains chapters on:

How to create your shopping list

Recipes for Breakfast

Tool Selection

Information on soft or mechanical diets

Teaches you how to cut and chop your foods for the elderly

Shows the different types of storage choices

How to wrap and package “TV dinners”

Many helpful hints

Plus much more!

For more information (copy and paste)

Unknown said...
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Netvor said...

I think that not only elderly people will be happy with that. Thanks a lot.