Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dean and Deluca Wine Room is still open

Put this in the category of helping out a colleague: Linda Seligman of the restaurant and wine publication Epicurean Charlotte asked me to help her get the word out that the March/April issue of magazine includes an erroneous report that the Dean & Deluca Wine Room in Phillips Place had closed.

Seligman said her report was premature. The wine room will be moved into the main store when it expands, but that expansion isn't expected until later in the summer.

So for fans who want to use those great outdoor tables to enjoy a glass of wine with their pollen, there is still plenty of time. The wine room and the main store are both in Phillips Place, off Fairview near Sharon Road in the SouthPark area.


Larry T said...

This is great news, that wineroom is just such a nice place to enjoy a glass of fine wine..