Thursday, February 16, 2012

IACP nomination for Peter Reinhart

How do you identify Peter Reinhart: Johnson & Wales instructor, pizza and bread-baking expert, local-food scene supporter, soon to be author of a new book on gluten-free baking?

OK, add one more: Reinhart's blog, Pizza Quest, got a nomination from the International Association of Culinary Professionals on Thursday afternoon. (And yes, that's Peter wearing one of his James Beard medals -- he's won a couple of those for his books.)

If you know Peter, you know that his eyes get a special glow whenever pizza is the subject. His blog includes pizza explorations all over the country, webisodes, cooking lessons and pretty anything pizza-related.

IACP is one of several culinary organizations that give awards for food writing in various forms (the James Beard Foundation nominations are announced in March; the Association of Food Journalists awards are announced in the fall).

The IACP awards include book and food-writing awards; blogs are under the category New Media & Broadcast. Also nominatied in the blog category: Cheryl Sternman Rule for 5 Second Rule, and Tom Hirschfeld for Bona Fide Farm Food.

Winners are announced in April. For a complete list of nominations, go to


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