Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bloggers: Win $2,000 for a sweet potato recipe

This spiffy image of a picketing sweet potato may be your ticket to $2,000. The N.C. Sweet Potato Commission is offering money for the best sweet potato recipe, in the "No More 'Mallows" Blogger Recipe Contest.

To enter, you have to post the picketer and a sweet potato recipe that isn't sweet or topped with marshmallows. "We're talking sweet potato burgers, chili and falafel, not sweet potato pie, muffins and casseroles," according to the commission's announcement.

You have to post the recipe, the picketer and a picture of the recipe on your web site anytime between March 1 and 31, and send an email with a link to sassysweets@lewis-neale.com. Six finalist recipes will be made and judged on taste, originality and the importance of sweet potatoes to the preparation. Winner gets $2,000 and three runnersup get $500 each.

Details: ncsweetpotatoes.com.


easy recipes said...

Great! I think vegetables ought to be made savory, even though sweet potatoes do well in pies and other desserts.

how to make sweet potato fries said...
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