Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Food fans, can you spare some love for Raleigh?

It pains us to acknowledge that Charlotte isn't on Southern Living's list of the 10 Tastiest Towns in the South. Although we are in good company, because the magazine from Birmingham managed to put their own town on the list while dissing a lot of candidates. (No Asheville? No Durham? No Oxford, Miss., for heavens sake?)

But Raleigh, our own state capitol, is on the list. And as much as it pains us to direct gustatory fame toward the only city in Eastern N.C. without a legitimate claim to great barbecue, we can help a sister city out. So . . .

On Friday, you can vote for Raleigh out of 10 candidates for tastiest city in the South. Far be it from us to suggest that Charleston, S.C., probably has a better claim on the title. The 10 cities in the running: Baltimore, Houston, Birmingham, Lafayette, La. (good candidate there), Charleston, Louisville, Charlottesville, Va., New Orleans (OK, they might have a good bite of food or two), Decatur, Ga., and Raleigh.

Go here to read the details and get ready to vote: Vote Raleigh. May the best home of the Roast Grill win.


Nibletodell said...

Are you serious????? Decatur, GA?

Kathleen Purvis said...

Don't shoot the messenger, Nible: That's Southern Living's call, not mine. However, I'm a regular reader of both John Kessler's blog,, and the Creative Loafing Atlanta food blog and I have seen an awful lot of stories about Decatur restaurants lately. Apparently, it's become quite the resto desto.

Anonymous said...

If I'm not mistaken, Decatur has long had a big farmer's market and that has led to a slow food movement and restaurants.

But Raleigh?

Everyone (except apparently Southern Living) knows the most highly regarded restaurants in the Triangle are in Chapel Hill and Durham.

They probably lumped them all together. Dunces.

Anonymous said...

Two words re Raleigh food excellence: Ashley Christensen

Anonymous said...

South's Best Food Towns-

1) Atlanta
2) Charleston
3) Asheville
4) New Orleans
5) RDU
Hon Mention - Birmingham - not contemporary, but if you have never been you would be surprised at the number of great, local diner type spots with long-time specialties exist there