Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The best thing you can do with a Pringles can

It's hard to convey just how goofy -- and weirdly delightful -- the Pringles Can Speaker is.

If you send in the original receipt from any four Super Stack cans of Pringles, you get a round speaker that snaps into the top of the empty can and plugs into any personal MP3 player, including iPods. Go to to get details and a free-speaker-redemption form

The long, hollow can acts as an amplifier, adding a little depth to the sound.

The coolest things about this from my hour or so of playing with it?

1. It's a speaker that fits in a cup holder. Those of us who haven't got car stereos with iPod jacks can finally listen to Wilco on the way to work.

2. You get interesting reactions when you walk around waving a Pringles can that is playing music.

3. Finally, while the fidelity isn't real Bose, Pringles aren't real potato chips, either.

Playing music with the can beats having to eat the nasty things.


Julie @ Willow Bird Baking said...

I have to admit, I love Pringles -- but I'm one of those foodies who also loves a good, loaded-full-of-fixins hot dog from a service station along with a fountain drink :)

I love this fun idea; will have to try it!

Rautamailat Tarjoushintaan said...

Heh=) This was a great idea!

STinolan said...

hahahah i work at a super market and saw this today .... i might just have to partake in this giveaway ...ooooor *evil voice* i could just re-print the customers receipts and have all the free speakers i want muahhahahahahhaahhah