Friday, March 26, 2010

Dave Ballard, and more on Molly

Sad news from farm world: Dave Ballard, 50, of New Moon Organics in Mount Ulla died Wednesday, after a long fight against kidney cancer. My sympathy goes out to Dave's wife Suzanne, a regular at several farmers markets around here. Dave's memorial service is 1 p.m. Saturday at Back Creek Presbyterian in Mount Ulla.

Thanks, all, for the kind words about my column Wednesday on the death of Molly Mullen, who was featured in my story last summer on tomato sandwiches. Tomato farmer Maria Fisher has offered 20 pounds of tomatoes (if they're ripe in time) for the party for Molly in July. And Kris Reid of Hope Haven says she will donate a tomato plant from the HH fundraiser to any of Molly's friends who would like to grow tomatoes to use at the party. Nice touch.


Unknown said...

I did not know Dave died. It should have been all over the news. He and Suzanne are amazing farmers. She called him the General last year when he could not physically farm - but told people what and how to do because his head and heart where so in the game, with the soil and food. He made Suzanne sparkle. This is sad sad news.