Monday, December 7, 2009

Matthews market in winter

The first weekend of the Matthews Community Farmers Market's winter hours actually did feel like winter: Cold and drizzly, but still plenty of food to be had.

My tally: From the Koenigsbergs' stand: Green onions, carrots, Easter egg radishes, broccoli and something that looked like very dark broccoli that Sammy K. said was supposed to be cauliflower but they actually aren't sure what it is. Lettuce from Tega Hills. Eggs and black kale from Laughing Owl. Crusty sesame-seed bread from Down Home. A bag of pecans. And a pork shoulder roast and a package of thinly sliced smoked ham from Grateful Growers.
And there was plenty more I could have bought if my wallet wasn't empty and my bags full:
Swiss chard, oyster mushrooms, beets, turnips, cabbages, microgreens, Baucom's Best beef, and Bosky Acres goat cheese.
Who says there is no fresh, local food in winter?


Annelle Williams said...

Black Kale! Have you ever made Ribollita? Our favorite winter soup with black kale, turnips and beans...just to name a few of the ingredients. Delicious!