Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shh -- Jane Parker news

There are no food fans more fanatical than Jane Parker fruitcake fans. Believe me. Several years, I foolishly wrote a column about Jane Parker fruitcakes and for years after that, I became the nation's clearinghouse of Jane Parker information. Trust me -- Jane Park lust is a different kind of fruitcake entirely.

Knowing that, I'm just going to tip-toe in and quietly toss this out:

AP has made it easier to order the fruitcakes. No secret 800 numbers passed by coded message, no tapping out a code on a certain door in a particular dark alley.

Just a simple Web site: . If you live in the Northeast or you're planning a visit from Connecticut to Washington, you also can buy them at A&P, Waldbaum's, Food Emporium, SuperFresh and Parthmark.

Online, prices run from $20.49 to $35.49 and they're available in light or dark, loaf or ring, traditional box or holiday tin.
There you go. If it isn't Christmas without a Jane, you know what to do.


ANDY PAGE said...

I laughed out load reading your article. Yes, I admit, I am one of those fanatic Jane Parker fruitcake fans.
We are a devoted group of devotees, who remember the delicious taste of Jane Parker fruitcake as a child, and look forward to enjoying it as adults.
Thank you so very much for spreading the word about Jane Parker fruitcake, the best fruitcake for 79 years.

ANDY PAGE said...

Jane Parker fruit cake is back for its 80th year. Taste the quality and goodness of Jane Parker fruitcake, a holiday tradition.
They can be ordered online at

Anonymous said...

Ah yes I to am a fan of the legendary Jane Parker fruit cake
elusive to say the least The little lady and I travel from southeast Virginia north to Ocean City Md. or parts further north for this most delicious treat.
We end up buying any where from
three hundred to four hundred if
we can find that many, anyway the
trip is enjoyable and every one is happy with their cake as gifts
what we need is an A&P in the south again whats up that