Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Are you ready for football barbecue?

Like a long pass, a lot of things about the 2014 Super Bowl is up in the air. Will the 49ers lose? Will the Panthers win? OK, there are really only a couple of important things up in the air as far as Carolina fans are concerned.

There is one thing you can start arranging no matter which team wins: Barbecue. Every year for Super Bowl weekend (Feb. 2 this year), Boy Scout Troop 33 at Sardis Presbyterian Church makes wood-cooked, chopped-pork barbecue in a massive operation that's better organized than a military manuever.

Yes, there are lots of Scout troop barbecues, and I'm a fan of all of them. But Troop 33's barbecue is a tradition, with smoking blanketing the whole Sardis Road North area. The troop is not only more than 70 years old, they do a lot of wilderness activities, and the barbecue is their main money-raiser.

To get the barbecue, you have to place an order in advance. Be warned: It does sell out.

The menu includes barbecue with sauce ($10 a pound), barbecue plates ($8, includes slaw, beans, chips and a roll), 3-sandwich plates ($8), barbecue sauce ($4 a bottle), rolls ($3 for a dozen), baked beans and slaw (each $2 a pint). Brunswick stew is first-come, first-served ($10 a quart if they have it). Sandwiches and plates must be picked up Friday, Jan. 31; pounds can be picked up on Saturday, Feb. 1, before 1 p.m.

The whole thing happens at the Scout hut across from the church at 6100 Sardis Road. To get an order form, go to www.troop33charlotte.org/2014-Events/2014-bbq-reservation-form.