Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thank Garden & Gun for this party tip

I'll always give credit where it's due. So thank you, Garden & Gun, for two recent finds.

First, an item on the Charleston-based magazine's web site sent me over to the Kenilworth Harris Teeter in search of Big T Crab Dip, made by a company called Big T Coastal Provisions of Mount Pleasant, S.C.

Few things are better than good crab dip and few things are more disappointing than most commercial versions. Big T, $6.99 for an 8-ounce tub (on sale for $4.99 when I stopped in) is . . . oh man, that's real crab dip. Not crab-flavored dip. Like crab dip you'd make yourself, thick with shreds of crab.

Some of the tasters in my office actually like the jalapeno even better, for the bite of pepper. Great on a cracker, but I could also see it as a worthwhile shortcut to stuffed mushrooms.

And back at you, Garden & Gun, with this one: While searching the store for the crab dip, which turned out to be in the seafood section, I stopped by the section near produce where they stock the pimento cheeses. I was following the logic that spreads in tubs tend to flock together. That's how I found out that Pawleys Island Specialty Foods, makers of the crazy-popular Palmetto Cheese, now sells an onion dip - OMG (for Onion Made Goodness). As you'd expect, it's also very good, with caramelized sweet onions in a creamy base.

So there you go: Two options, ready to take to a party. I'd call that a special occasion.


Unknown said...

Kathleen, Thank you so much for this mention of our crab dip! I just happened upon it this morning on Facebook. Wow! So nice to see our company in my hometown newspaper! Cheers, Tracy Blanchard

Anonymous said...

You're from Charlotte? That's so cool, Tracy. I didn't know.

Unknown said...

I am! Left for the College of Charleston in 1987 where I met "Big T" and ended up staying in this lovely city. My parents are still there and I visit the Queen City when I can. I'll bring you some Big T on my next trip home!

Anonymous said...

No need for freebies -- we pay our own way when possible. But if you could send a product shot to me at, that would be great. We'd like to run something in the print section on Wednesday. High-rez jpeg, please. Thank you.

Unknown said...

That is awesome Kathleen! Is your email Our PR firm, Leapfrog PR will send you a dropbox with some photos. Just take your pick of photos. Libba Osborne will be emailing you. Thanks so much Kathleen. Have a great weekend.

Unknown said...

Kathleen, Thank you also so much for your mention of our OMG! Dip!! I was so excited when I turned my computer on this morning and saw your wonderful little article! We love publicity, and coming from you, it's extra special! If you'd be willing to include OMG! in one of your Wednesday articles, we would be happy to send you some pics to choose from as well! Just let me know! Thank you again so much! Laura Tiller (