Wednesday, June 11, 2014

New pimento cheese, chef home-cooking and Bacon Bowls, people

Happy Wednesday. In today's Food coverage, you'll find:

Even a chef can struggle with getting the kids to eat. We stopped by Ben Philpott's house to see what he makes for dinner when he's not slinging pots at Block & Grinder. Get his French toast and "Spinach Cheesy Eggs" recipes, too.

What should you get a food-loving dad? I had difficulties with the Perfect Bacon Bowl, but Steven Raichlen's new cookbook, "Man Made Meals," might be just the ticket. Read my column here.

Chicken liver mousse, sometimes called chicken liver pate, is one of the ways to my heart. Robin Domeier finds out the secret to chef Chris Edwards' silky-smooth version at New South Kitchen in the Arboretum.

Need to add more flavor to your summer gin & tonics? I checked out Jack Rudy Small Batch Tonic.

Can't get enough pimento cheese? A Charlotte art teachers uses his "Jeopardy" winnings to start a new brand, Queen Charlotte's Pimento Cheese Royale. Read Caroline McMillan Portillo's story about that.

And in case you missed it, Caroline also has an update on two new hard-cider makers heading to Charlotte. I wrote about the explosion in hard-cider makers breaking out all over the Carolinas last fall.

Need more recipes? Here's what we've got this week:
Cooking for 2: Chilean quinoa salad with shrimp.
Seriously rich Dark Chocolate Walnut Cookies.
Rice salads are worth a second look.
3 recipes from Deborah Madison's updated "New Vegetarian Cooking For Everyone."


Wooden Stone Gallery said...

Hi, Kathleen, after reading your article about the "bacon bowls" I thought I would let you know about the bacon cookers that we sell at the Wooden Stone Gallery in Davidson, NC. They are shaped like a large coffee mug with an attached saucer. You drape the bacon over the sides, ( about 5 pieces) and microwave about 1 minute per slice. The grease pours out into the saucer via a small hole at the base of the "mug". It works!! They are made by Ray Pottery from Seagrove, one of the many North Carolina potters that we carry in our store.
I always enjoy reading your column, it is always useful and entertaining!!
Thanks, Gerry McElroy

Joanne J. said...

Jack Rudy's-it's a staple at my house and pairs perfectly with my beloved Cardinal Gin. I've left that high-fructose-corn-syrup-laden garbage, otherwise known as tonic water, behind. I also found Jack Rudy's at Whole Foods in the wine section.

Anonymous said...

Good to know on Whole Foods, Joanne. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

That Queen Charlotte pimiento cheese with jalapenos (the hot version) is addictive. I usually make our own pimiento cheese but this stuff is way better! Glad to know about it. I found it at What's Your Beef in Ballantyne and couldn't find it at Fresh Market, maybe because they have their own pimiento cheese version.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that on the QC 'minter cheese, Anon 9:29. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but I've wondered how it is. Mo hotta usually is mo betta.