Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Feeling lucky, Charlotte?

Here's a quick contest for you. See that number in the picture? It was a little dark, so I'll repeat it: 1158499.

Where did I shoot the picture and what does the number mean?

I have a copy of "Mad Hungry Cravings," by Lucinda Scala Quinn, for the first person who emails me at kpurvis@charlotteobserver.com with the correct answer. Ready, set . . .

UPDATE: Well, that took 11 minutes. The winner is Adam Robertson, who sent the correct answer at 11:28 a.m. That's the number of pizzas made by Luisa's Brick Oven Pizza on Abbey Place since it opened in 1991.

Apparently, owner Jeff Russell started keeping count when they were nearing the millionth pizza two years ago. Customers enjoyed it so much that he has kept it up, updating the number every Saturday night. He has a formula that lets him account for the number of pizzas they put out on the buffet, too.