Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A plateful of Wednesday offerings

Feel that touch of fall in the air? Makes you hungry for food coverage, doesn't it? Over at today, here's some of what you'll find:

We've got a feast of Cronut(TM) mania: There's my column, on standing in line at the New York bakery Dominique Ansel to buy two Cronuts, along with two videos. One shows you the Cronut-buying experience from my perspective. In the other, restaurant reviewer Helen Schwab joins me for a tasting of the Cronut and the Charlotte imitation, Fourth Ward Bread Co.'s Kronut. What's more fun than piano-playing cats? Cronut videos, people.

The explosion of craft beer in the Carolinas has led to a new art: Hard cider is taking off. I visited and/or talked with cider makers all over North Carolina and South Carolina for a story. And yes, hard cider is gluten-free, people. There's video joy here, too: You can watch Matt Guzmer talk cider, walk cider and bottle cider.

Jamie Deen is visiting the area with his new cookbook. My colleague Andrea Weigl did an interview with him, including insightful comments about the recent trouble involving his mother, Paula Deen, and how the family is handling it.

Catherine Rabb meets a winemaker who is excited about the potential of Argentina in the wine world. Cry tears of joy, Argentina.

And more:

Bacon jam, baby.

Thin pork cutlets are a fast dinner on the grill.

Does boiling tomato sauce make it watery?

And if the cooler weather makes you itch for a mountain trip, our pick-your-own farms list has apple farms, too.