Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Don't miss these on today's food page

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The debut of You Asked For It, Robin Domeier's new column on recipes from local restaurants. She kicks it off with the Cajun Carbonara from Boudreaux's in NoDa. If you've got a request from a local restaurant (chain restaurants usually don't share their recipes), send it to Robin and she'll try to get it.

Corn, glorious corn. Well, this year, corn has been late and because of all the rain making pollen bounce around, you may see more ears that aren't filled out to the end. But even the smaller ears I've had have been wonderful. Get it while you can and make the most with it with this roundup of recipes, tips and corn ideas. On the comments, there's already some debate on an interesting question: Is corn a vegetable or a grain?

If you're going to a potluck, there are some tricky shoals to navigate in what to bring -- and what to take home. Even a Wake Forest expert knows there are powerful issues at stake. Take a look at these tips and guidelines for guests and hosts.

If you don't know the Turkish/Middle Eastern chili paste harissa, this is the time of year to make your own.

Finally, readers always ask for recipes that are simple, quick and sized for two: Linda Gassenheimer's offering this week is Buffalo shrimp.

And we also have our regular useful features: The guide to pick-your-own farms (peaches and blueberries are still going strong); farmers markets all over the region; and our searchable database of recipes with thousands of choices.