Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What's a Dishcrawl?

The name is enough to get my attention. "Dishcrawl" makes me think of phrases like "I'd walk over broken glass," or the times in my first apartment when I'd run out of room in the sink and stack the dirty dishes on the floor. Good times.

But no, Dishcrawl sounds like a lot more fun than either of those. This is a new food adventure, in which you buy a ticket and join a group to visit several restaurants in different areas of the city. They started March 6 in NoDa and the next one is March 12 in SouthEnd. Tickets are usually $45 and the tour typically includes four places.

The restaurants are close together, but wear walking shoes. They do include vegetarian choices. And they keep the restaurants secret until right before the tour.

Interested? Get tickets and details at And keep it in mind for those nights when every dish in your kitchen is dirty and you'd crawl over broken glass for something good to eat and fun people to meet.